Welcome To Clinical Chats!

Think Like A Physical Therapist.

Welcome to Clinical Chats!

Think Like A Physical Therapist.

Start Thinking Like The Future Physical Therapist THAT You Already Are.

learn all the cool stuff you've been wanting To know during those boring shadowing hours!

πŸ’­ Just Imagine...

Finally getting a behind the scenes look at what it's really like to be a physical therapist

Finally getting to learn all the cool stuff you've been wanting a PT to teach you during those boring shadowing hours!

Finally getting to practice the clinical thinking skills you need to be an amazing physical therapist.

Learning cool stuff you can impress your family and friends with.

Feeling more confident that you can be a physical therapist that can actually get your future patients better!

That is why Clinical Chats was created.

So you can become an amazing physical therapist!

We Know What You're Thinking... πŸ€”

Can I really Be a PT or PTA?!

I Want to Learn More about PT!

What does a PT really do?

Where do I get career advice?

How does what I'm learning in school apply to being a PT?

What's the difference between PT & PTA?

What does a PT really do everyday?

I start clinical internships soon, I don’t feel ready!

What is a PT thinking when they're treating a patient?

I'm a new grad and I don't feel confident in my skills or knowledge!

And so much more....

This is everything I wish a physical therapist showed me about being a PT.

Clinical Chats Will Set You Up for Success Despite Your Fears of...

βœ… Not feeling smart enough.

βœ… Not knowing where to start!

βœ… Career uncertainty.

βœ… Imposter syndrome.

βœ… Bad guidance counselor advice.

βœ… Not knowing how to study.

βœ… Not knowing anatomy.

βœ… Not knowing what a PT really does.

βœ… Not feeling confident in your clinical skills.

We've Complied Years of Knowledge and Expertise Into Clinical Chats That'll Show You EXACTLY How To:

βœ… Think like a Physical Therapist

βœ… Develop the clinical reasoning skills that are required to be an amazing PT.

βœ… Apply your anatomy knowledge to PT concepts.

βœ… Challenge your academic thought process.

βœ… See if physical therapy is the right career for you.

βœ… Develop your clinical confidence for internships or as a new grad PT.

βœ… Get observation hours to apply to PT school.

This Is For You If...

βœ… You want to start thinking like a better clinician.

βœ… You want to become a Physical Therapist but don't know where to start.

βœ… You want to be confident in your career choice.

βœ… You want to get your future patients better.

βœ… You want to be clinically ready for your internships.

βœ… You to translate your anatomy knowledge to clinical skills.

βœ… You want to understand all the things you see PTs do to get patient's better.

You can be a high school student, college student, student PT, New grad, Seasoned PT, Personal trainer. or Anyone who wants to learn more about anatomy and biomechanics


βœ… Clinical Practice Questions

Test your knowledge and see how it applies to you being a physical therapist or PTA? In clinical chats you'll get constant reels and stories of clinical questions to improve your PT knowledge. I won't just leave you hanging, I'll explain the questions and answers in the content to help you think like a PT.

βœ… Think Like a Physical Therapist

Ever wonder what a PT is thinking and how they get patients better? In clinical chats you'll learn exactly what it's like to think like a PT.

βœ… Behind The Scenes Content

Ever wonder what the life of a PT is really like in and outside of the clinic or hospital? What's the work life balance like? What do they do outside of work? What cool stuff are they working on? What will your life be like as a PT or PTA? You'll get all the behind the scenes content of what a life as a PT is really like.

βœ… Ask Me Anything

Have questions about what you've seen, heard, or learned from clinical chats? Or do you have questions, hot topics, and concerns you'd like to discuss about your future PT career? That's what the Zoom Q&A sessions are for. This is your chance to talk with a PT in a group setting with your future colleagues.

βœ… Evaluations and Treatments

See what PT evaluations and treatments are like from the physical therapists point of view. How does it start, how does it flow, how does it transition into treatment, how does a successful session end. Learn how it all works from a physical therapists point of view.

βœ… Open a PT Clinic With Me

Interested in having your own PT clinic one day, or you're just interested in seeing how it works? Join clinic chats to get an inside look at what it takes to open a PT clinic.

βœ… Career Insights

Get career insights as to what the physical therapy profession is really like. This is especially important so that you get as much information as possible, so that you make the best career decision for you.

βœ… Observation Hours

If you're applying to physical therapy school or PTA school, use clinical chats to get verified observation hours.

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The value of this offer is so completely crazy that we believe nobody else is brave enough to come close to it. Nobody else will give you this many tools to see what it's like to be a PT. If we’re wrong and you find a more value-packed physical therapy school workshop, let us know and we’ll give you your money back.

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What will not joining do to your life?

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❌ Will you still feel uncertain?

❌ Will you continue to feel frustrated with not learing how what you're learning in school applies to you being a PT?

❌ Will your family pressure Increase every year you don't choose a career path?

❌ Will you settle for a less fulfilling career?

Do you really want that outcome?

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