The "Cheat-Code" To Find Your Best Match" DPT programs within minutes!


The "Cheat-Code" To Find Your Best Match DPT programs within minutes!

What Is PT School Match?

PT school match is a software that allows you to find physical therapy schools so you can have the best chance for acceptance.

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Say bye to wasting time, money & rejection letters!

The DPT programs that you choose to apply to, can be the difference between..

  1. Whether or not you will get accepted into your target DPT programs.

  1. How much money you save. every year you don't get into PT school is another year further from being a DPT! Which means $75,000-$85,000 gone because you didn't know how to chose the best schools for you.

  1. How much time and money you waste by applying to 8+, 10+, 15+, 20+ schools

[when you only need to apply to 4-7 of your "perfect match" programs]

  1. How much debt you will have from graduate from school.

How does PT School Match help you?

  • Reduce your overall stress as a Pre-PT

  • Find your "best match" DPT programs in moments

    • Get you organized so that you're not overwhelmed

    • Gives you direction & clarity on your next best steps

    • Gives you control over your ability to become a strong applicant

    • Saves you hundreds if not thousands of dollars spent applying to programs that are not the BEST match for you.

  • Saves you hours, days & weeks that most students spend with spreadsheets, the PTCAS directory, school websites, 20+ tabs and more!

    • Gives you your focus back so that you can focus on becoming the best possible applicant for your perfect match schools!

What are users saying?

"Honestly it's been amazing!!! I was doing the exact same thing for all of my top schools in an excel spreadsheet, and it took me forever to collect all the info so I am SOOO glad that you have everything listed for all of the schools."

-Samantha E


"I would like to say thank you for creating PT School Match! It has helped me so much with searching for PT schools to apply to without having to google each and individual school. It is super easy to use and I have had no issues whatsoever. Thank you again!"

-Charlene C

The PT School Match Black Friday Offer

One Time Investment Of - $147

  • 12 Month Access To The PT School Match Software!

  • Pricing

    • Normal Price = $97/month = $1,164/year

    • 2023 New Year Deal = $147 total for 1 year access

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Take a Look Inside

What are users saying?

"I am really enjoying PT School Match and I appreciate how easy it is to access all of the information about PT programs that would have taken me hours to find and record. It is a great tool for those who are looking into starting their journey towards a career in physical therapy."

-Valerie A


"The software has proved extremely helpful for me as I evaluate programs I will be applying to this cycle. It definitely cuts that time down that I would be spending going through the directory on PTCAS.

Thanks so much for creating this resource!"

-Ariana M


How much does PT School Match cost?

The 2022 Holiday Deal is only $147 for one year access to the software.

You will also have the option to upgrade for an additional $97 to a lifetime access which will ensure that you have the software for as long as you need it.

The normal cost for PT School Match is usually $97/month which means that for a 1 year access, students would typically pay a total of $1,164/ year.

Which is why the Holiday,  $147 for  1 year access is 87% off & a MASSIVE steal

PS: after this Holiday deal disappears, we will NOT have it at the $147 for 1 year access, price point again!

Is PT School Match a monthly subscription?

The 2022 Holiday Deal a 1 Year Access For a total of ONLY $147

Usually, PT school match  is a $97/month subscription, however with the Black Friday deal you’ll only need to pay $147 once to access it for 12 months

You can also upgrade to lifetime access so that you have the software for as long as you need.

What if PT School Match doesn’t help me after I buy it?

There is Zero Risk: You will have a 48 hour 💰 money back guarantee, which means that if you do not find value in the PT School Match software after 48 hours, all you have to do is email us at and let us know that you would like to be transitioned out & have a full refund!

Is PT School Match a yearly subscription?

This 2022 Holiday Offer Is NOT a monthly subscription. If you purchase the $147, 1 year access, your access will simply end in 12 months.

However if you upgrade to lifetime access, you’ll have access to the software for as long as you need.

Can i cancel at any time?

At the end of your 1 year PT school match subscription, your access will automatically end. You will not be charged $147 for the following year. If you'd like to use PT school match following your 1 year subscription, you have the following options.

1. Upgraded your purchase today for lifetime access to the PT school match software.

2. Purchase a new subscription after your yearly subscription ends.

What does the PT School Match software do?

The PT school match software gathered data from over 290 physical therapy schools throughout the united states. PT school match allows you to filter the requirements and data from over 290 physical therapy schools. This allows you to choose what requirements you have or will complete for PT school admissions, as well as what you would like in a physical therapy school.

How do I know if the info on the software is updated?

The software is updated for the 2023-24 physical therapy application cycle. You can always double check the PT school match data with data as well as the individual DPT program(s) website.

How do I use the PT School Match  software?

Once inside there is a walkthrough video that explains how to effectively use the software.

Where is the info on the PT School Match software taken from?

The information on is taken from public information on and the DPT programs individual websites.

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