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With the Pre PT Grind network is online community of Pre PTs, Pre PTAs, SPTs, and DPTs, that includes:

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- Acceptance insider secrets

- Student Panels

- DPT program reviews

- Challenges & Bootcamps

- Live Workshops

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❌ No more guessing about how to become a physical therapist

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✅ When your family, spouse and children come to your PT school graduation?

✅ When you call call yourself a Doctor of Physical Therapy.

✅ When you’re get your first patient as a licensed Physical Therapist?

✅ When you open your own business?

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The Acceptance Secrets Workshop! $497 Value

  • Learn and master the PT School Accepted Method Pyramid!

  • Learn and master what your PT school advisors don’t know to tell you!

  • Learn how some of our students have gotten Accepted into PT school starting with a GPA as low as a 2.4

  • Learn how our students have been able to DOMINATE the GRE despite struggling with standardized tests!

  • Hear LIVE from students who were in your shoes and were able to make their PT dream come true!

Start to PT School Guides! $150 Value

  • How to apply to PT & PTA School

  • How To Stand Out Cheat Sheet!

  • 2 PTCAS Essay Samples [Rejected vs. Accepted]

  • LOR templates

  • Top 3 Questions: PT School Interview Q&A Example!

  • 2 - How to Pay For PT School Cheat Sheets!

GRE Domination Masterclass $500 Value

GPA Makeover Masterclass $500 Value

Pre-PT Grind Network $1,164 Value

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This Acceptance 'Super Pack' will set you up for success despite your fears of...

  • Having a low GPA

  • Having a low GRE score

  • Imposter syndrome

  • Bad guidance counselor advice

  • Not knowing how to study

  • Not having enough observation hours

  • Not knowing where to find scholarships

  • Lost on how to pay for PT school

  • Not having a community of people like you.

  • Not having direction on what to do next.

What Students Have Said After Working With Us

“Being a Low GPA Student, I remember thinking, “I don't know if this is possible!” Being able to talk and learn how to go about the application process from mentors who had been through it before changed the game for me! Being accepted into PT school because of Pre-PT Grind has shown me that there is nothing impossible to achieve!”

-Ben K


“Prior to being accepted, I struggled with a low GPA in undergrad, lacked guidance from people who understood my situation and the path I wanted to pursue, and also struggled with getting the courage to ask for help.

Pre-PT Grind gave me a sense of direction and helped restore my confidence in myself! If you’re reading this, you are meant to be here! It may seem scary and intimidating, but you have an incredibly supportive community that is always here for you!”

-Cynthia H

The Pre PT Grind Network is the best way to rejection proof your physical therapy school application so you can become the physical therapist of your dreams!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the Pre PT Grind Network Cost? Is it a 1x payment or a monthly charge?

You have two options to choose from:

$29.97/ month membership access fee with the ability to cancel at any time. [SMALLER PAYMENTS SO THAT ANY PRE-PT CAN ACCESS]

Or a 1 time payment of $147.97 for lifetime access to The Acceptance Super Pack & Community. [SINGLE ONE-TIME PAYMENT! NO RECURRING FEES OR HIDDEN CHARGES]

What's inside The Pre PT Grind Network?

PT School Acceptance Guides & Cheat Sheets!

5 - Start to PT School Guides! How To Stand Out Cheat Sheet!

2 PTCAS Essay Samples [Rejected vs. Accepted]

Top 3 Questions: PT School Interview Q&A Example!2 -

How to Pay For PT School Cheat Sheets!

The Elite GRE Masterclass- Learn the fundamentals of what the GRE how to create the ultimate study blueprint the get above a 300 overall score.

The Elite GPA Makeover Masterclass- The ultimate blueprint to get better grades in any class while studying less.- Learn how to get better grades while studying less so you can have more time to live life without the stress of bad grades stealing your PT school acceptance.

Lifetime Access To ‘Pre-PT Grind Network/Community’ So that you're not alone in your journey!

INSTANT [50] - On-Demand Virtual Observation Hours! 50 virtual observation hours at your finger tips just like that!

Monthly Future Virtual [LIVE] Observation Hours with occasional Guests! All future virtual observation hours will be exclusively inside of the Pre-PT Network Community

“PT School Acceptance Guidance Call’ with one of our PT School Acceptance Specialists!

What if the Pre PT Grind Network doesn’t help me after I buy it?

There is Zero Risk: You will have a 48 hour 💰 money back guarantee, which means that if you do not find value in this product, all you have to do is email us at and let us know that you would like to be transitioned out & have a full refund!

Will The Pre PT Grind Network help me if i'm applying to PTA School?

Yes, The guidance and tools in the Pre PT Grind Network apply to students applying to PTA school as well.

I'm not applying right now. Will The Pre PT Grind Network still help me?

Yes, The guidance and tools in the Pre PT Grind Network will help you whether you're applying tomorrow or in 4 years. Most students don't realize that your application does not start when the cycle opens, the application actually starts once you start taking college courses your freshman year. Therefore sooner you get the tools to help you, the better your chances are to get accepted.

What is the difference between the Accepted System and the Pre PT Grind?

The Pre PT Grind is introduction and fundamental tools to help you get into physical therapy school. You can take the tools in the super pack and be able to apply on your own.

The Accepted System is a coaching program where we apply to physical therapy school with you. We design a tailored strategy for your specific application plan using the proper guidance, tools, accountability, and community.

The super pack gives you what you need. The Accepted System gives you the tools you need, tells you how to use the tools, gives you a tailored plan on when to use the tools and guidance given, provides coaching accountability to make sure you're hitting the proper checkpoints along your journey, and surrounds you with a community of Pre PTs like you.

Basically, the accepted system is just a different level. Learn more about the accepted system at

How do I access the workshops, masterclasses, or virtual observation hours?

All masterclasses, workshops, and virtual observation hours are held inside the acceptance super pack. Everyone who has purchased the super pack get's all trainings for free. Those who have not purchased the super pack and would like to attend the trainings will need to purchase the super pack.

Avoid Missing Out On The Easiest Way To Get Into Physical Therapy School!

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