Get Into Physical

Therapy School Without Breaking A Sweat.

(Hint: Applying Gets WAY EASIER

When You Apply The Right Way!)

Get Into Physical

Therapy School Without Breaking A Sweat.

(Hint: Applying Gets WAY EASIER

When You Apply The Right Way!)

Hey! We are Pre PT Grind

I Struggled To Get Into Physical Therapy School.

We are Joses Ngugi PT, DPT & Casey Coleman, PT, DPT.

We are both physical therapists who realized that many students struggled to get into physical therapy school.

I (Casey) was rejected from physical therapy school. The DPT program I applied to did not even invite me for an interview because the interview threshold was a 3.5 GPA (I had a 3.4).

So I took a new approach. I improved my entire application and got accepted into PT school the following year with a 3.7 GPA.

And on this page, I'm gonna tell you how I did it.

But first, we need to talk about you.

If you're reading this page, I gotta assume you're applying to physical therapy school soon. Right? And you’re probably freaking out about it. Right?

(I would be. After all, if you don’t get accepted that' a years worth of a PT salary and a year of your life wasted.)

Here are 3 reasons why you might get nervous:

Here Are 3 Reasons Why You Might Get Nervous:

You have a low gpa or you're not a good test taker. Now your whole career comes down to getting into physical therapy school.

You’re using random social media comments, school advisors, and PTs who forgot how the application process works. But you don’t feel like you’re actually learning anything and you're not sure you’ll be ready come application time.

Or, you’ve been rejected from physical therapy school already, and you wanna make sure it doesn’t happen again!

What Rejection Looks Like.

Not getting into physical therapy school is even worse than you think.

Wanna know why? Well, imagine that you spend the next 6-12 months studying, planning, and applying like crazy. Then, application deadlines rolls around. You wake up nervous. You’re jittery. You can’t focus right.

You head to your laptop and finally submit your application

Then, you spend the next weeks and months refreshing your emails and waiting for a phone call that never comes. You think about all the parts of your application that could have been better. And you have a bad feeling in the pit of your stomach.

Then, weeks or months later you get an email and you find out were rejected.

What Happens Next?

You’ll have to put your whole career on hold for a full year (At least.)​​

You’ll spend those 12 months grinding through retaking classes, writing more essays, asking for letters of recommendation again... which isn’t fun.​

Every day, you’ll go to bed nervous that you’re gonna get rejected again & waste 12 more months of your life!​

You’re gonna have to tell your friends and family why you didn't get into physical therapy school and you don't have a plan for your life. (This is really embarrassing...)​

All your classmates will be talking about their awesome new plans and how their moving on with life — and you’ll feel like you’re the only one left behind.

​​And you’ll miss out on 12 months’ physical therapist salary. (That can be between $75,000 - $100,000+!)

Meanwhile, you still have to pay rent. And your student loan interest will keep piling up..

Your whole life will be on hold until you get accepted. Even worse, if you never become a physical therapist you'll have to figure out what to do with your bachelors degree.

(That usually is an exercise science or kinesiology degree which does not get you much in the real world).

Transforming Pre PTs Into Physical Therapists: Unveiling Our Proven Strategies!


Ariana Gomez

“​​With Pre-PT Grind’s Accepted System Coaching Program, I was able to get better direction that helped me stay on track. I learned to finally believe in myself wholeheartedly and because of the Accepted System, I was Accepted into a DPT program and now believe that I will be able to achieve anything and everything that I have a passion for.”

Samuel Merritt DPT Program


Ben Kim

“Being a Low GPA Student, I remember thinking, “I don't know if this is possible!” Being able to talk and learn how to go about the application process from mentors who had been through it before changed the game for me! Being accepted into PT school because of Pre-PT Grind has shown me that there is nothing impossible to achieve!”

University of St. Augustine San Marcos DPT Program


Jaclyn Lee

“When I found Pre-PT Grind and the Accepted System, I knew that this community would help me get accepted and become a successful healthcare professional. If you are feeling lost or uncertain, know that you are not alone! I started my journey with uncertainty , but now I’m confident that I will thrive as an SPT and future Physical Therapist”

Tufts University DPT Program


Anthony Albarran

“Without any guidance I felt like I was shooting in the dark and hoping I was doing the right thing. Pre-PT Grind’s Accepted System helped me address exactly what I was struggling on and helped me regain confidence in my application.”

Western University in Lebanon, Oregon DPT Program

So in other words...


Does that make you nervous? Me too.

I've been in your shoes before. In fact, I might’ve had the worst rejection of all time. I had a 3.4 GPA, but the PT school I applied to didn't invite anyone for an interview unless they had a 3.5 GPA.

TIf I had only studied a little bit harder. If I had not slacked off during finals, If I got 2 more questions correct on my biology test...

I could've gotten accepted into physical therapy school that year.

To make it worse... Some of the people who were accepted over me ended up failinig out of the PT class I could've been in.

Basically they took my spot and fumbled it!

(I’m not joking. These were the same students who got their PT school acceptance calls right in my face.)

Now, It wasn't like I was stupid or anything. In fact, I actually took harder classes than they did because I was a pre pharmacy my freshman year.

I was just 0.1 away from getting invited for an interview

The worst part was not even my getting rejected or other people getting accepted over me.

It was me knowing I wasted a year of my life and missed out on a years worth of a physical therapists salary. Today thats anywhere between $75,000 - $100,000.

I imagined myself in my 30’s or 40s, $30,000 in undergrad student debt, with an exercise science degree working at Domino’s Pizza... all because I couldn’t get into physical therapy school.

I couldn’t let that happen. So I spent the next year preparing for the next PT school application cycle. But during those months, I did things a little differently.

I didn't just apply to physical therapy school...

I Studied The Physical Therapy Schools

That sounds funny, right? I mean, who even considers that?

But when I started studying the physical therapy schools, I found out that there’s all this new science about how the admissions committee accepts applicants.

Once you know this science, getting into physical therapy school becomes so much easier.

This science single-handedly got me into multiple PT schools 2 months after I applied, and even more schools that I didn't even take the interview for because I already chose my PT school.

My point is, once you learn how the physical therapy school thinks everything in life becomes so much easier!

And this science doesn't just work for me, either.

It Works For Everyone.

How Do I know?

Well, thousands of people have come to us for help with becoming a physical therapists.

A lot of them are bad test takers, low GPA applicants, and even been rejected from physical therapy school before.

But once I show them the way I applied, getting into PT school becomes a piece of cake.

In spite of what any of their advisors told them.

"I felt lost, alone, rushed, and like I was never enough. I felt like I was lacking guidance on how to get into physical therapy school.

The Accepted System gave me the guidance, tools, community, and accountability I needed to get me accepted into physical therapy school."

Bria Jones

"I felt like the PT schools underrated me.

The Accepted System helped to change my perspective of myself. I am worth it and the PT schools will see my value."

Kayla Harry

"It felt like a numbers game. It felt so un reachable and unattainable. I was feeling lost. I felt left behind.

But as soon as I joined The Accepted System there was just an abundance of love and support. It was exactly what I was looking for to help be reach my goals to become a physical therapist."

Seth Moore

And It's Worked

For Other People

Just Like You.

I have way too many students to list them all here. But so many people have come to me for Pre PT Application help...

For those who've joined The Accepted System we have a 92% 1st time and 100% all time acceptance rate!

And we can help you, too.

All I have to do is show you the “secret” way to get into physical therapy school... and the PT school application process will get a lot easier.

(I basically already told you.)

Here it is. It Does not Matter....

❌ What Your Major Is.

❌ How Many Schools You Apply To.

❌ How Bad You Want To Be A PT.

❌ How Many Observation Hours You Get.

❌ How Much They'll Like You If They Only Heard Your Story.

What matters the most is...

Giving The Physical Therapy Admissions Committee

Exactly What They Ask For.

Seriously, Have You Actually Taken A Close Look At The Requirements?

Has anybody ever shown you where to even look to find the answers?

Or does everyones advice all sound the same and leaves you more frustrated than before you asked.

And if you don’t know the acceptance method, you’ll probably default to applying the "wrong" way:

❌ Listening to advisors who never applied to PT school themselves

❌ Wasting countless hours searching the internet trying to piece together tips and tricks that worked for other people, but aren't specific to your situation.

Needless to say, that's not gonna work.

So, how do you apply the right way? Unfortunately, it’s pretty complicated.

It’s far too much for me to explain on this page. But here’s the gist:

You need to focus on understanding how the PT admissions committee think — and not just guessing (That means you have to do more than just consume random info online.)​​

You need to learn how they are taught to teach you.

You need to understand their biggest fears and their motivators.

You need to read the articles and research studies they've done on applicants like you.

Now, you could figure this out on your own like we did. But that took us years, and you don’t have that much time!

The good news is, by working us me, you can learn this stuff a lot faster.

About The Accepted System Coaching Program

When I got accepted into physical therapy school,

I thought I was done with that process. Forever. But then Joses and I realized:

There are thousands of other people going through what myself and our other classmates went through.

We couldn’t just sit on the sidelines and watch them suffer... especially knowing how I can help them!

Because without me, they were going to apply the wrong way, get rejected, and waste months of their life.

Costing them tens of thousands of dollars in salary

Plus a whole bunch of needless stress, hair-tearing-out, and embarrassing conversations with friends and family.

Even worse, some of them would get rejected over and over again — and it would totally derail their lives.

I wasn’t gonna let that happen. So we created the Accepted System

The Accepted System Program

The Proven Method for Acceptance into Physical Therapy School.


The Ultimate Guide to a Physical Therapy School Acceptance.

  • The Accepted System is a lifetime access “apply with you” program that encompasses every aspect of the Pre-PT application by giving you the coaching, tools, support, and accountability they need to be a successful candidate and ultimately get accepted.

  • The Accepted System is a proven system and coaching program that helps Pre PT students just like YOU gain the clarity, confident and control needed to get accepted into Physical Therapy School without missing a years worth of a physical therapist salary every year you're not accepted ($75,00 - $85,000)

  • The Accepted System has achieved acceptance for students with above & below a 3.0 GPAs! by training Pre-PTs to think differently so that they can ultimately fulfill their dreams of becoming Doctors of Physical Therapy despite fears, low grades, and uncertainty of the future!

  • 11.7% is the average acceptance rate into a doctorate physical therapy class according to the most recent CAPTE aggregate data report

  • Despite an overall 11.7% acceptance rate into physical therapy school, The Accepted System students have an a 92% 1st-time acceptance rate & 100% all time acceptance rate.


What Makes The Accepted System Different?

The Accepted System combines coaching, resources, community, accountability, calculated planning, strategic school selection, GRE prep, study strategies, student loan planning and the potential for income generation. All in one simple and easy to use system.


How will The Accepted System make me more successful?

The Accepted System is designed to win the fight against the biggest obstacles to pre pt success. Burnout, feeling alone, anxiety, procrastination, lack of accountability, lack of PT profession & PT school knowledge, excessive general information, and a poor articulation of their knowledge & ideas.


How does The Accepted System help me stand out and get accepted?

Going through your obstacles and fixing your weak points vs. trying to cover them up is by far the best way to impress admissions committees.

The accountability of applying The Accepted System strategies to overcome your biggest obstacles is by far the most successful way the Accepted system will help you stand out & get accepted into PT school. A plan is nothing without action.

The Accepted System Coaching Program:

  • Offers personalized step-by-step guidance through the entire process from day 1 to your first day of physical therapy school.

  • Is based on the proven Accepted System Method is based on giving applicants CLARITY, CONFIDENCE, & CONTROL over their application so they can stand out and get accepted into physical therapy school.

  • Has a 92% 1st-time acceptance rate & 100% all time acceptance rate.

  • Includes live weekly group coaching to successfully navigate your obstacles.

  • A personal acceptance coach to help you build your rejection proof acceptance plan. (PT students and physical therapists from the Accepted system)

  • Gives you direct access to Joses and Casey when you submit questions through our portal.

With the Accepted System Programs, you gain 24/7 access to:

  • Our online platform for life.

  • Every question about the application process answered for you.

  • 100+ hours of pre - recorded videos applying with you to access at your convenience.

  • Our private Accepted System community where you can connect with your future colleagues. Connect with students and alumni who are potentially at (or attended) the DPT programs of interest.

  • The Elite Study Package: to successfully pass the GRE and improve your GPA.

  • The GRE Code prep course.

  • The Study Code Prep course

  • Unlimited Essay Revisions & access to our Essay Workshops [With our FAST Action Bonus]

  • Interview prep and Mock interviews.

  • Earn Your Investment Back: All Accepted System students have the opportunity to earn their investment back through our referral program designed by the accepted system students themselves.

  • 50+ scholarship opportunities (and growing) for undergrad and graduate students to reduce or cover your cost of college and PT school.

We know flexibility is important to you when it comes to getting into physical therapy school.

That why The Accepted system has no required meetings, or no deadlines.

Joses, Casey, your coaches, and our online platform is always here to compliment your acceptance journey, and not complicate it.

Plus These Fast Action Bonuses!

  • Accepted System Fast Pass: Get results faster. Get Clarity, Confidence, and Control over your application in 6 video trainings.

  • New Money PT Virtual Event: Learn how to become debt free. Learn how to make money NOW as a student & how to make $100k+ as a new grad physical therapist.

  • Observation Hours Elite Package: 50+ verified observation hours at your finger tips.

  • Apply now to learn how to take advantage of our fast action bonuses

  • And so much more!

The New Money PT Live Event!

August 31st & September 1st 2024 Tampa FL

So, why wouldn’t you sign up? Let’s get into that:

Why You Would Not Sign Up

I don’t want you to think this is just some sales pitch. I want you to make the decision that’s best for you.

So, I’m gonna tell you the 4 reasons why you wouldn’t enroll:

Reason 1: It's Too Late Or Too Early

Do you think it’s too late for me to help you get into physical therapy school? Well, if the test was tomorrow, then yeah. I’m not a miracle worker.

But the good news is, I’ve gotten the hang of teaching people how to get accepted into PT school — and I can do it pretty quickly.

If you come to me 3-4 months before you apply, then that’s plenty of time for you to learn and implement everything you need to know.

Do you think its too early? Well here's the truth. It's never too early, because your application records actually starts with the first class you graduate after high school.

(Maybe even in high school is you take a dual credit/enrollment class.)

So the earlier you start the earlier we can "rehab" your application or even prevent damage from being done.

Reason 2: Price

Some people say our coaching program is too expensive for them. And look, if money’s tight, I get that. Some people have trouble paying their bills.

But here’s the thing. As soon as you get into physical therapy school, you now have a career, a skill, an asset that will make you money for the rest of your life.

You’ll be able to get a nicer apartment, a nicer car — and maybe even go on a few vacations!

On the flipside, if you get rejected, you’ll miss out on 12 months’ salary if not more

(like I did... remember my story and why I was so mad about my rejection?).

And that could be as much as $75,000 - $100,000

So don’t treat application prep like an expense. Treat it like an investment. By working with us, you can clear the last hurdle to your career, and finally start making good money.

If you gotta ask your parents for a little help, that’s fine. I don't know what your parents are like — but if this is what you need to move forward in your career, I'm sure they'll understand.

Reason 3: You Can Apply On Your Own

Some people tell me, “Dr. Casey, why would I need to take a program with you?" "Can’t I just apply on my own?” And it’s true. Some people do get accepted without ever taking a single prep course.

Not everyone needs coaching. But on the other hand, a bunch of people find out they got rejected, their GPA is lower than they expected, or that they're not as prepared as they think they are and then they come to us. And they all tell me the exact same thing:

"I thought I could get into physical therapy school on my own!"

Here's what you gotta understand:

17,000+ applicants apply to physical therapy school every year. PT schools on average only accept 11-12% of applicants. (source CAPTE & ACAPT)

And the vast majority of the people who get rejected are the people who thought they could “apply on their own”.

If you wanna skip the trial and error and just get it right the first time, I’m here to help you.

Reason 4: We're Just Some Random Guys On The Internet.

And you still don't know me.

There are a lot of people out there who make big promises they can’t keep. And here I am, saying we can help you get into physical therapy school. Why should you believe me?

Well, here are 3 reasons why:

First, We’ve already helped students just like you get into physical therapy school. Including a whole bunch of people who had GPAs lower than a 2.4 GPA and who have been rejected multiple times.

Second, We’ve been physical therapy school application coaches since 2014. that's longer than we've had our PT licenses. So technically we can "rehab" your application better than we can rehab an ankle sprain.

Finally, We have 80,000+ followers across all of our social media platforms, podcast, and email list. See more our the people we helped below. If you haven't followed us somewhere online yet, head on over there to get more familiar with who we are.

Acceptance Stories

So In Other Words

Sure, I wouldn't recommend this program for everyone.

But man, if I was a pre pt again, and you told me about this? I’d sign up so fast, my keyboard would snap in half! Because you have no idea how much better you'll feel about your applications if you knew how well you've prepared.

I’m really proud of the way my program has impacted people's lives. Hundreds to thousands of people have saved a lot of time and effort (and yes, money) because they came to us.

Today, they’re in their dream PT school and working their dream PT jobs healing people — instead of locked away in their bedrooms re applying to PT school! So if you'd rather skip all the nerves and hassle of getting rejected, and work with me right from the get-go... I'd understand.

If you wanna learn more about the program, you can schedule a free chat with one of my coaches right by clicking any of the buttons on this page.

Also, If You Somehow Don’t Get Accepted On Your First Try, We Will Work With You For Free Until You Do Get Accepted.

When our students do everything I recommend, most of them get accepted with room to spare. But, let’s imagine you’re one of those rare students who doesn’t.

In that case, I’ll work with you for free until you get accepted.

And just to sweeten the pot even more, here are 3 other things people love about working with me:

✅ You get to work in a group. Most people to PT school themselves. That gets lonely. Plus, when they get stuck, there’s no one to help them. It’s much better to have a team.​​

✅ We help you even after you get accepted. Your next problems will be studying correctly to stay in PT school & graduating PT as close to debt free as possible. And guess what... we already solved those problems for you as well!

✅ We help you choose the right school for you! A huge part of the strategy that applicants miss is shooting at the right target. However, every PT school looks like a target to the untrained eye. We clarify what your target PT school should be so you have the best chance of acceptance.

✅ I’ll help you with your anxiety/mindset. Most people get nervous before they apply to PT school. That's a big problem, because getting nervous before any part of the application cycle hurts your chances! I will help you with your mindset, so you can apply to the best school for you as confident as possible.

Individuals Are Suggesting Pre PT Grind.

What To Do Next

If you’re curious about signing up, the next step is to chat with one of our team members.

Don't worry they're super chill. It's no-commitment, no-pressure, no-sweat.

The whole point of the call is for us to get to know each other. You get to ask whatever questions you want. And it’s totally free.

Plus, even if you decide not to sign up, you're gonna get 3 things from this call:

Clarity. Everyone has specific weaknesses in their application game. Improving those weaknesses can increase your acceptance chances big-time. On this call, we will help you identify those weaknesses.​​

Certainty. We will help you figure out an acceptance plan that can work specifically for you.

Direction. And finally, we’ll show you the next step — something you can do tomorrow to get moving in the right direction.

The Only Thing Is,

Do not come talk to us unless you're serious about getting accepted into physical therapy school.

Because quite frankly, I don’t want to work with students who aren’t willing to put in the effort.

(It’s not fair to all the students who are actually trying!)

However, if you’re serious about working with me, and you’re determined to become a physical therapist on your next attempt, then click below.

Can't wait to meet you!

P.S. Are You Still Here?

I can't stick around here all day... so scroll up a little bit and click one of those big blue buttons. Don't be shy. Come talk to us!

We're here to help you. Now... maybe you're still reading this page because you're still a little on the fence. If so, there’s one more thing I should tell you:

The methods we teach in this program are extra important to your acceptance. You can skirt through the getting into college — but getting into a doctorate program... that ain’t gonna cut it.

That’s because of the admissions committee has seen applications just like yours 1,000s of times before for years. They literally have an entire journal of research studies they've done on which physical therapy school applicants to accept.

Applying to PT school requires way more than just asking a few PTs, advisors, and google how to apply.. You need to take the time to really understand how the admissions committee thinks.

That’s why so many requirements for PT school test if you can handle the academic rigor of PT school and the physical therapy clinical world. So if you wanna be prepared come application time, you’re gonna need to step up your game now. Click the button below chat with us:

P.P.S. There’s One More Thing

I Need To Mention.

And that is, I might not be able to fit you in. That’s because I devote a lot of time, energy, and attention to each one of my students... and I don’t have enough time, energy, and attention for all y’all!

That's why this course is capped at 75 students. And it's first-come, first-serve. So if you want a spot, you gotta hurry! Don’t wait to the last second to decide. Because you might not have that long.

Tomorrow, if you try to come back to this very page — the one you’re reading right now — you might find a broken link. Because as soon as the 75th person signs up, I am taking this page down!

If I were you, I’d just book a call now. Because it's free. Because there's literally zero cost to talking to us. And, because you’ll learn something useful, even if you walk away without enrolling in anything. Just click the button below:

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Accepted system?

A Lifetime access “do it with you” program that encompasses every aspect of the Pre-PT application and gives the applicant every tool they need to be a successful candidate and ultimately get accepted.

What is your success rate?

Our first-time Acceptance rate for this program is 92%. All time Acceptance rate is 100%.

What tools and resources does the Accepted System have to help me get accepted into PT school?

See the above graphics.

I'm not applying until a next year or the year after, Is now the right time to join?

Yes. just like anything else in life, early intervention is key. The earlier we can help, the more money we can save you, the more money we can save you, and the less stressful the application process becomes in the future.

How long will I have access to the Accepted System online lessons and bonus tools?

Forever, you have lifetime access to the accepted system resources.

Is this a monthly subscription product?

No. Investment plans and third party funding options are available to structure the price around the needs of clients in different financial situations.

I have other responsibilities, Will I have enough time to benefit from The Accepted System?

This program is meant to be a tool to use to your advantage and not a burden.All video lessons are pre recorded. All live masterclass meetings will be available for replay. 24/7 1 on 1 coaching is a tool for you.The application does not control you. You control the application process. We're here to help you take control and get accepted.

Are essay revisions included?

Yes, unlimited PTCAS essay and supplemental essay revisions are included in The Accepted System.

Is mock interview prep included?

Yes, online video lessons specifically for the interview and personal 1 on 1 mock interview prep is included in The Accepted system.

Does The Accepted System have a resource to help me with the GRE?

Yes, The GRE Code is our own GRE prep course included in The Accepted System.

Is There A Refund Policy?

We offer a 14 day risk free 150% money back guarantee.

What is the investment?

The Accepted System has two programs. The independent program & The Coaching Program. Apply below to learn more about the investment. Fast Actions Scholarships and payment plans available.

How Can I Join?


Enroll today for our coaching program

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