Pre PT Grind Success Stories

Students Reveal How Our Programs Helped Them Get Accepted Into Physical Therapy School.

Sarina Brown

St. Augustine Dallas DPT Program

Lawrence Pabalinas

Univ Incarnate Word DPT Rogram

Emily Yorges

South College DPT Program

Kevin Phan

Cal state Sacramento DPT Program

Renz Buenavista


Katrina Hidalgo

Azusa University DPT Program

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Hear More on our

Pre PT Inspire Series

Listen to more interviews on our Podcast


Ariana Gomez

“​​With Pre-PT Grind’s Accepted System Coaching Program, I was able to get better direction that helped me stay on track. I learned to finally believe in myself wholeheartedly and because of the Accepted System, I was Accepted into a DPT program and now believe that I will be able to achieve anything and everything that I have a passion for.”

Samuel Merritt DPT Program


Ben Kim

“Being a Low GPA Student, I remember thinking, “I don't know if this is possible!” Being able to talk and learn how to go about the application process from mentors who had been through it before changed the game for me! Being accepted into PT school because of Pre-PT Grind has shown me that there is nothing impossible to achieve!”

University of St. Augustine San Marcos DPT Program


Jaclyn Lee

“When I found Pre-PT Grind and the Accepted System, I knew that this community would help me get accepted and become a successful healthcare professional. If you are feeling lost or uncertain, know that you are not alone! I started my journey with uncertainty , but now I’m confident that I will thrive as an SPT and future Physical Therapist”

Tufts University DPT Program


Anthony Albarran

“Without any guidance I felt like I was shooting in the dark and hoping I was doing the right thing. Pre-PT Grind’s Accepted System helped me address exactly what I was struggling on and helped me regain confidence in my application.”

Western University in Lebanon, Oregon DPT Program


Laura James

“Being a part of Pre-PT Grind’s Accepted System gave me the tools to change the narrative I was constructing in my head. Having a coach and an accountability partner provided me with reality checks throughout my journey. Furthermore, as a nontraditional student, being part of the Accepted System made me feel that I was not alone.”

University of Maryland Eastern Shore


Cynthia Ho

“Prior to being accepted, I struggled with a low GPA in undergrad, lacked guidance from people who understood my situation and the path I wanted to pursue, and also struggled with getting the courage to ask for help.

Joining the Accepted System gave me a sense of direction and helped restore my confidence in myself! If you’re reading this, you are meant to be here! It may seem scary and intimidating, but you have an incredibly supportive community that is always here for you!”

Western University of Health Sciences, Oregon


Alexandria Tise

“My journey has not been the easiest. I have faced many shortcomings up until this point. I have been denied twice and struggled tremendously with the GRE. Imagine having the perfect GPA, excellent observation hours, and not being able to make it past the GRE. Mentally I wanted to quit, I felt alone and I didn’t know anyone who could personally relate to what I was going through.

My journey was tough but it was worth the blood, sweat and tears. The Accepted System gave me that extra push when I needed it most. I felt like I’d found a new family who understood the struggle of getting into PT school.”

Rocky Mountain University DPT Program


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