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Practice your clinical and critical thinking skills required for Physical therapy school and as a physical therapist, while getting observation hours.

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The Goal

To prepare students to think like the clinicians they are striving to become.


Case Studies

HIPPA compliant case studies based on real patients.



Assignments required by the Specified due date to receive the observation hours.


Online Meetings

Interactive meetings to replicate clinical collaboration.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Observation Hours?

Observation hours are where you shadow or "observe" a licensed physical therapist. That physical therapist then verifies your observation hours through PTCAS or on an observation hours verification form. Observation hours under a licensed physical therapist is an application requirement by most physical therapy schools.

Will These Hours Be Verified?

Yes. According to PTCAS, observation hours must be completed under a supervising licensed physical therapist. There are no other specifications by PTCAS, CAPTE, or ACAPT.

It will be crucial to complete the case studies & assignments given so we can support you If a situation does arise where an institution questions the validity of your observation hours.

Completing the case studies and assignments in it's entirety will give us evidence to support your observation hours. Help us help you and complete the case studies and assignments.

You will receive a verification form after the completion of the assignments.

How many Hours Will Be Given?

50 observation hours are pre recorded and ready for you instantly inside. Additional live observation hours will be available on announcement.

28 outpatient hours. 14 Inpatient hours. Additional observation hours will be available on announcement.

These hours were started to supplement lost observation hours due to the COVID 19 pandemic and related restrictions on students observing in clinics and or hospitals.

Students loved getting virtual observation hours from us at Pre PT Grind, and we've continued them ever since.

It is encouraged that students continue to pursue in person observation hours in order to complete the necessary requirements by their DPT programs of interest.

Licensed PTs are taking the time outside of their full time job to help the pre pt community. Therefore limited hours are available.

When will this take place? Are replays available?

Pre recorded Hours will be given throughout the month and announced across our media channels.

Live monthly case study review session replays will be available. However, observation hours will not be given if the assignment is late. Due date and assignments details will be given to students as announced.

What if I already submitted my application?

You can upload completed observation hours post submission.

What if i'm applying in a future application cycle?

There is no expiration date on observation hours. You can use these for future cycles.

Answers for DPT program or PTA program staff:

Pre PT Grind is able to see the statistics on the watch time of each student who is participating in each case study.

Pre PT Grind is able to see all answers to all case study assignments that each student has completed.

The case studies are HIPPA compliant case studies just like case studies given in physical therapy school. These case studies follow a SOAP note format.

Live case study reviews are given once per month for students to interact with us the PTs and ask follow up questions on the cases given that month. All live attendees will have the opportunity to complete a short assignment within 3 hours of the live review session ending for observation hours credit.

For further questions/answers I encourage DPT program staff to sign up for VOH if you're curious to see how the process works.

For further questions or specific information on a student(s) please contact preptgrind@preptgrind.com

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