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Hey! We are Pre PT Grind

Well actually, that's our business. We are Joses Ngugi PT, DPT and Casey Coleman, PT, DPT. We are both physical therapists who realized that many students struggled to get into physical therapy school and increase their income before they started their physical therapy career.

Our Solution: We created the Pre PT Grind to help students understand a key components of becoming a physical therapist:

Helping you make the right decision to become a physical therapist or not.

Preparing you for the physical therapy school application process as early as possible.

Getting you accepted in the physical therapy school without wasting time or money.

Minimizing student debt by to reducing costs, increasing income, and investing

Our Passion: To grow the physical therapy profession starting with the ones most likely to create change, YOU, the Pre PT. The literal future of physical therapy.

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Meet the Cofounders

Dr. Joses Ngugi, PT, DPT

Orthopedic PT & PT School Acceptance Coach


Im here to help you become an absolutely amazing future Doctor of Physical Therapy.

Dr. Casey Coleman, PT, DPT

Orthopedic PT & PT School Acceptance Coach


You are the main character. I'm just a guide in your acceptance journey.

Pre-PT Grind LLC is the product of a Pre-PT Success Program designed and started in 2014 at Andrews University in Berrien Springs, Michigan.

The program, originated by our Pre-PT Grind Co-Founder Joses Ngugi, sought to create a student-led mentorship experience that provided future Doctor of Physical Therapy students with the tools and community needed to not only make it to the next phase of their journey, but THRIVE!

While both still in undergrad, Joses called Casey in 2014 to be a mentor in the Pre PT Success Program at Andrews University. Together they grew the Pre PT program on campus until late into their doctorate of physical therapy program.

in Late 2017, Joses and Casey took the Pre PT Success Program online in order to help more students across the country. At that time they changed the name from the Pre PT Success Program to Pre PT Grind.

As the Pre-PT Grind, our goal and mission still remains the same. Our aim is to help you navigate through the Pre-PT process, while ultimately becoming Leaders for the next generation of physical therapists. We are here to SERVE you!

Casey and Joses both graduated from Andrews University in Berrien Springs Michigan with their Bachelor of health science from Andrews University as well as their Doctor of physical therapy degree from Andrews University.

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