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What Your Child May Want You To Know

Your child wants to make you proud. They want the same things that you want for them. like job security, financial stability, status etc... And they also want to enjoy the journey along the way.

Sometimes their academic or life struggles don't mean that they want to give up or that they need you to tell them to choose another career,

It may just be an expression of them going through normal obstacles on their way to becoming a doctor of physical therapy.

What Becoming a Doctor of Physical Therapy Can Do For Your Child.

Pay: $85,620-$95,250 average salary
Education: Doctor of Physical Therapy Degree
Employment change: 40,000+ from 2021-2031
Job Outlook: +17%

Job flexibility:
- Private practices, outpatient clinics,
- Hospitals, schools, home health agencies,
- Employer settings, Travel PT
- Sports and fitness sites,
- Nursing homes. politics, academia

Work life balance:
PTs can work full time, part time, or PRN/per diem/ as needed

Job satisfaction:
Per the results since a 2018 industry survey, an overwhelming majority of PTs like their jobs. This is consistent with data collected by Forbes, which named physical therapy as one of the 10 “happiest jobs” in both 2011 and 2013.

Personal Health:
Physical therapists have the unique ability to use their job to stay active. Whether it's standing, walking, or doing exercises with their patients. PTs have the ability to exercise and be active all day everyday.

How Difficult is it to Become a Physical Therapist?

Average Physical Therapy School Acceptance Rate:11.7% is the average acceptance rate into a doctorate physical therapy class according to the most recent CAPTE aggregate data report

Despite an overall 11.7% acceptance rate into physical therapy school. Pre PT Grind's Accepted System clients have a 92% 1st-time acceptance rate & 100% all time acceptance rate regardless of nationality, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, GPA, or age.

Average accepted GPA: 3.56
Total applicants per program: 384
Accepted applicants per program: 45
Average acceptance rate per program: 11.7%



The Ultimate Guide to a Physical Therapy School Acceptance.

  • The Accepted System is a lifetime access “apply with you” coaching program that encompasses every aspect of the Pre-PT application by giving you the coaching, tools, support, and accountability they need to be a successful candidate and ultimately get accepted.

  • The Accepted System is a proven system and coaching program that helps Pre PT students just like YOU gain the clarity, confident and control needed to get accepted into Physical Therapy School without missing a years worth of a physical therapist salary every year you're not accepted (New grad salary $70,000 - $85,000)

  • The Accepted System has achieved acceptance for students with above & below a 3.0 GPAs! by training Pre-PTs to think differently so that they can ultimately fulfill their dreams of becoming Doctors of Physical Therapy despite fears, low grades, and uncertainty of the future!

  • 11.7% is the average acceptance rate into a doctorate physical therapy class according to the most recent CAPTE aggregate data report

  • Despite an overall 11.7% acceptance rate into physical therapy school. The Accepted System students have a

    92% 1st-time acceptance rate & 100% all time acceptance rate.


What Makes The Accepted System Different?

The Accepted System combines coaching, resources, community, accountability, calculated planning, strategic school selection, GRE prep, study strategies, student loan planning and the potential for income generation. All in one simple and easy to use system.


How will The Accepted System make me more successful?

The Accepted System is designed to win the fight against the biggest obstacles to pre pt success. Burnout, feeling alone, anxiety, procrastination, lack of accountability, lack of PT profession & PT school knowledge, excessive general information, and a poor articulation of their knowledge & ideas.


How does The Accepted System help me stand out and get accepted?

Going through your obstacles and fixing your weak points vs. trying to cover them up is by far the best way to impress admissions committees.

The accountability of applying The Accepted System strategies to overcome your biggest obstacles is by far the most successful way the Accepted system will help you stand out & get accepted into PT school. A plan is nothing without action.

The Accepted System Coaching Program:

  • Offers personalized step-by-step guidance through the entire process from day 1 to your first day of physical therapy school.

  • Is based on the proven Accepted System Method is based on giving applicants CLARITY, CONFIDENCE, & CONTROL over their application so they can stand out and get accepted into physical therapy school.

  • Has a 92% 1st-time acceptance rate & 100% all time acceptance rate.

  • Includes live weekly group coaching to successfully navigate your obstacles.

  • A personal acceptance coach to help you build your rejection proof acceptance plan. (PT students and physical therapists from the Accepted system)

  • Gives you direct access to Joses and Casey when you submit questions through our portal.

With the Coaching Program, you gain 24/7 access to:

  • Our online platform for life.

  • Every question about the application process answered for you.

  • 100+ hours of pre - recorded videos applying with you to access at your convenience.

  • Our private Accepted System community where you can connect with your future colleagues. Connect with students and alumni who are potentially at (or attended) the DPT programs of interest.

  • The Elite Study Package: to successfully pass the GRE and improve your GPA.

  • The GRE Code prep course.

  • The Study Code Prep course

  • Unlimited Essay Revisions & access to our Essay Workshops. [With our FAST Action Bonus]

  • Interview prep and Mock interviews.

  • Earn Your Investment Back: All Accepted System students have the opportunity to earn their investment back through our referral program designed by the accepted system students themselves.

  • 50+ scholarship opportunities (and growing) for undergrad and graduate students to reduce or cover your cost of college and PT school.

We know flexibility is important to you when it comes to getting into physical therapy school.

That why The Accepted system has no required meetings, or no deadlines.

Joses, Casey, your coaches, and our online platform is always here to compliment your acceptance journey, and not complicate it.

Plus These Fast Action Bonuses!

  • Accepted System Fast Pass: Get results faster. Get Clarity, Confidence, and Control over your application in 6 video trainings.

  • New Money PT Virtual Event: Learn how to become debt free. Learn how to make money NOW as a student & how to make $100k+ as a new grad physical therapist.

  • Observation Hours Elite Package: 50+ verified observation hours at your finger tips.

  • Apply now to learn how to take advantage of our fast action bonuses and learn how to qualify for the scholarship opportunities

This All Sounds Great, But I'm Still Worried That My Child Won't Get Accepted Even If They Use The Accepted System.

Very understandable. You know your child better than us, so here are some common traits we've seen in our 8% first time rejected applicants.

Common Traits we've seen in rejected applicants

  • Short time window to implement our acceptance method.

    • Usually less than 3 months before their application deadline.

  • Poor execution of their personal acceptance plan created by our team.

  • Lack of resourcefulness.

  • Low interest in college.

  • Low interest in physical therapy as a career.

  • Low urgency to get into PT school now.

  • Change of career paths (no longer wants to be a PT).

  • Unexpected life events.

If you know that your child has most of those rejected applicant traits, the accepted system may not be the best fit for them at this time. Our free content or one of our other resources may be a better fit for them.

Accepted System Programs Financial Investment Breakdown

Free Ticket Included: The New Money PT Live Event

Aug 31 & Sept1st 2024 Tampa FL

Acceptance Stories

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Accepted system?

A Lifetime access “do it with you” program that encompasses every aspect of the Pre-PT application and gives the applicant every tool they need to be a successful candidate and ultimately get accepted.

What tools and resources does the Accepted System have to help me get accepted into PT school?

See the above contents

How long will I have access to the Accepted System online lessons and bonus tools?

Forever, You have lifetime access to The Accepted System.

Is this a monthly subscription product?

No. The full price of The Accepted System is stated below. Payment plans and third party funding is available to structure the price around the needs of clients in different financial situations.

I'm not applying until a next year or the year after, Is now the right time to join?

Yes. just like anything else in life, early intervention is key. The earlier we can help, the less stressful the application process becomes.

I have other responsibilities, Will I have enough time to benefit from The Accepted System?

This program is meant to be a tool to use to your advantage and not a burden.

All video lessons are pre recorded. All live masterclass meetings will be available for replay. 24/7 1 on 1 coaching is a tool for you.

The application does not control you. You control the application process. We're here to help you take control and get accepted.

Are essay revisions included?

Yes, unlimited PTCAS essay and supplemental essay revisions are included in The Accepted System.

Is mock interview prep included?

Yes, online video lessons specifically for the interview and personal 1 on 1 mock interview prep is included in The Accepted system.

Does The Accepted System have a resource to help me with the GRE?

Yes, The GRE Code is our own GRE prep course included in The Accepted System.

Is There A Refund Policy?

We offer a 14 day risk free 150% money back guarantee.

What is your success rate?

Our first-time Acceptance rate for this program is 92%. All time Acceptance rate is 100%

What is the investment?

The Accepted System has two programs. The Independent program is $3,500. The Coaching program is $7,500. Investment plans through Pre PT Grind is available for the independent & coaching program. Potential Fast Action Scholarships are available for the coaching programs. Apply to learn more about the investment plans and funding options.

How can I join?

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